Kind Words

I booked a workplace yin-yoga session, which Charlotte led. She arrived promptly, and had a very polite and professional manner. The session itself was relaxing, well thought-out and tailored to the needs of the audience. The feedback has been very positive and majority of the attendees have requested further sessions. I would 100% recommend Charlotte as an instructor. Thank you again!

Ethel, Yoga in the workplace

These sessions have really boosted my confidence and my creative mindset. 

Hazel, Dance

Charlotte visited my Reception class this year to teach a dance lesson. She had a lovely manner with the children and soon got them all involved. She introduced each of her creatively planned activities with an exciting and engaging approach.She gently encouraged the children who needed a little more confidence and adapted her teaching to support the needs of each child. My class absolutely loved Charlotte’s visit and I would definitely recommend her to anyone! 

Natalie, Primary school teacher

Very easy & simple exercises to relax. Little tips to use every day were the most helpful. A very kind person who has brilliantly adapted to her specific audience. A mix of physical exercises and meditation, was a perfect induction session. Brilliant, hope we can have more sessions like this.

Eloise, Mindfulness

I love how dancing with you makes me feel. I particularly enjoy our improvisation sessions as they open doors I never thought I could open

May, Dance

I really really enjoyed the class and the experience! Everything worked perfectly for me and I loved the combination of yoga and journaling. I am looking forward to the next class and will definitely try to join all the upcoming sessions 

Madeline, Yin yoga and journaling 

I just wanted to get in touch to share how much your beautiful posts are so beneficial to both me slowing down, convalescing and for me to find a new way to practice that has more intention, care and wellbeing (for me) more deeply seated in the work. I have always put my group at the heart of everything but I think sometimes I have forgotten myself. But you inspire me so much. Thank you so much my wonderful one. 

Sadie, Mindfulness

The pupils are absolutely loving your sessions, it’s been so nice to see them be so confident with their movements.

Beth,  class teacher at West SILC

Charlotte’s teaching is very effective and she adapted her teaching style excellently to match the needs of our group (We are all Hard of Hearing) She created a safe environment in which to learn new skills. I feel more relaxed in myself & am so happy we had the opportunity to work with her. 

Francesca, Mindfulness

This was an absolutely magical practice and I slept so well afterwards. The Yoga, the journaling, the music… It felt so complete. Afterwards, I felt so peaceful, grounded and rested. 

Avah, Yin yoga and journaling 

The perfect way to end a month and to get ready for another. A moment of stillness, reflection and movement that is so so precious and feels like the best gift to give yourself

Sophie, Yin yoga and journaling 

I think the dance sessions were great, the children all spoke about going to the hall and going for dance and it was nice for them to get out of class. I know the girls loved it and loved playing with the fabric with the music. Even if some of the boys weren’t necessarily engaged with the dance, I think they still enjoyed having a run around.

I thought you engaged very well with all the children, and I noticed how you always tried to get people involved in their own way who may not have been as confident as the rest. I think the music was good and it’s always good for exercise and the mind.

Toni, class teacher at West SILC

Thank you for all your hard work this half term. 

I know speaking from my classes point of view they have absolutely loved the dance sessions with you and from when I have been in there, they’re amazing and really engaging for the students. 

Dylan, class teacher at West SILC

Charlotte led dance workshops at West SILC between 2018 and 2023. These workshops included a range of our SEND pupils. Charlotte has a lovely manner with our pupils and encouraged engagement from all pupils, even those who were a bit shy or reluctant initially. The feedback from pupils and our staff was always extremely positive. Charlotte adapted her sessions, planning around our school topic, using inclusive props and symbols to aid communication. All the classes who have completed their sessions have really enjoyed them, having lots of fun and building their confidence with dance.

Jo Purdie, assistant head and senco at West SILC