I have experienced Amala Movement in many of its different forms. Whether it has been through Yoga Classes, meditation, reading blogs, observing an installation or watching a beautiful improvisation,
It inspires me to connect to my own body as well as being generous with everything from my reflections to my movements.

Maria Kristina Klungnes Berg

 Freelance Contemporary Dance Artist


Charlotte visited my Reception class last year to teach a dance lesson. She had a lovely manner with the children and soon got them all involved. She introduced each of her creatively planned activities with an exciting and engaging approach.
She gently encouraged the children who needed a little more confidence and adapted her teaching to support the needs of each child. 
My class absolutely loved Charlotte’s visit and I would definitely recommend her to anyone! 

Natalie Wainwright
Primary School Teacher


I tried a few different yoga classes with different instructors before finding Amala Movement, and I have found it to be the most patient and in tune teaching style with us as learners. Charlotte takes the time to explain the movements and their uses thoroughly, encouraging you to be gentle with yourself and to only move in ways that your body is capable of.

Rachael Vickerman
Social Coordinator, University of Leeds Language Centre